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Parents you are not alone!

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IEPeace App for Families

Advocate for your child!

Parents who use the IEPeace mobile app make the strongest, most effective advocates for their children.

IEP Binder

All your documents, all the time on your phone

Letter Writer

Built in letter writer to help you make and document your case.

Federal and State Laws

Searchable law library in clear language that you can highlight and notate.

Jargon Decoder

What is RTI? 504? Ask the decoder!

Digital Advocate

Free 1/2 hour advocacy consult!

Appropriate Accommodations

Search or contribute to our database of accommodations!

Doug's advocacy helped our IEP team get my son back in class and on course for an excellent education.

05Jan E.

Doug fought to make sure my child's rights to education were not violated.

Mick A.

Need an advocate?

Yeah, we do that, too!

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Relax parents, you're not alone!