Filing a Complaint with the State Education Agency

Filing a Complaint with the State Education Agency

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Dear (Person’s name),

I am writing to file a complaint on behalf of my son/daughter, (child’s name), regarding his/her education in the (name of school district). The nature of my complaint is as follows:

Explain the problem with BRIEF statements of fact. Consider listing the facts that support your complaint with bullets or numbers.

For the above reasons, I believe the school district is in violation of certain requirements in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, specifically: (list the requirements of IDEA you feel the school system has violated. For example, “The school system has violated the following requirements of the IDEA:

  • to consider whether my child needs assistive technology services or devices, as required by Section 300.324(a)(2)(v);
  • to include in my child’s IEP a statement of the special education, related services and supplementary aids and services, including assistive technology, that he/she needs as required by Section300.320(a)(4).”

Enclosed are copies of relevant documents and correspondence I have sent to and received from the school district concerning this matter. These documents are (List the documents you have enclosed, giving the date sent, by whom, to whom, and the issue discussed.) Please provide me with copies of any information you obtain in the process of investigating my complaint. If you need further information or clarification on my complaint, I can be reached at (give your phone number).

Thank you.


Your name

Letter created and generously placed in the public domain by: Center for Parent Information and Resources (4/5/2018). Filing a Complaint with the State Education Agency, Newark, NJ.