Request a Behavioral Support Plan

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When should you request a Functional Behavior Analysis and a Behavioral Support Plan?

If your child has been consistently struggling with behavior in school and that behavior interferes with their academic or social progress, you should consider requesting a functional behavior analysis (FBA) that will help develop a behavior support plan (BSP). An FBA is appropriate for any student struggling with behavioral issues, not just for students who already receive special education services or who have been diagnosed with a particular disability.

Your formatted letter will look something like this:

City, State Zip


Dr. John Smith
Address of School

Re: Child’s name and DOB

Dear Dr. Smith

I am writing to request and consent that {Student’s name} be provided with a functional behavior analysis (FBA) with the intention of developing a positive behavior support plan (BSP). I am worried that {Student’s name} is not doing well in school and believe that their behaviors are interfering with their ability to learn. {Student’s name} is in the {Child’s grade} at {Name of School}. {Child’s class room teacher’s name} is their teacher.

Specifically, I am worried for the following reasons:

{Child’s challenges at school}

We have tried the following to help {Student’s name}:

{Attempted Remedies:}

Please consider this letter my written consent to begin the evaluation process. I expect to be a part of the positive behavior support team which will review the behavior assessment and produce a behavior intervention plan that will be formed around my child’s specific needs. Please let me know as soon as a date is set for the functional assessment of behavior.  I would like copies of the results as soon as they become available.

I would be happy to talk with you about {Student’s name}. You can email me at {Parent’s or guardian’s e-mail address} or call me during the day at {Daytime Phone}. Thank you for your prompt attention to my request.


Your Name