Requesting Due Process

Requesting Due Process

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Dear (Person’s name),

I am writing to request a due process hearing on behalf of my child, (child’s name), whose address is (give your child’s address, even if it is the same as your own). (Child’s name) attends (name of school).

I have met with school personnel in an effort to resolve our differences concerning my son’s/daughter’s (IEP, placement, testing, or . . . ) and have been unable to do so. The nature of our disagreement is as follows:

Explain the problem with BRIEF statements of fact.

Consider listing the facts with bullets or numbers.

An acceptable resolution of the problem would include . . . (To the extent that you know how you want the disagreement to be resolved, state these facts here, again bulleting or numbering the items if possible.)

Please advise me as soon as possible as to the date and time of this hearing so that I can make the necessary arrangements. My daytime telephone number is (give your phone number).

I also request that this hearing be (open/closed) to persons other than those directly involved. (Child’s name) will/will not attend the hearing. Thank you for your assistance.


Your name

Letter generously created and placed in the public domain by: Center for Parent Information and Resources (4/5/2018). Requesting a Due Process Hearing, Newark, NJ.