All children develop and learn at their own, unique pace. This is part of the beauty of individuality. However, some delays can result from learning challenges that can be helped by early intervention. Pediatricians conduct routine developmental screenings and school districts are required to look for children in need through a program called Child Find. If you feel that your child is having an issue with development or learning, you have a right to an evaluation to find out if your child is eligible for services. You have the right to participate in the development of an evaluation plan for your child.

Check out this excellent video from the PACER Center that helps explain the process:

Nervous about your first IEP team meeting? Remember: take the time to make sure you understand what is going on. Ask for an explanation if there is anything you don’t understand. If a team member refers to a rule, law or policy that prohibits a particular course of action request a written copy of that rule. Finally, you have right to participate in writing your child’s IEP. If an IEP is drafted before the meeting, or if one is created during the meeting, you have the right to take it home for slow, detailed study to allow you to decide to approve or reject the draft IEP.

Her’s an excellent PACER Center video to let you know what to expect at the first IEP meeting:

Relax parents,
you are not alone!